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Our wellness centre is home to a Finnish sauna, infrared sauna and Kneipp bath.

Price of entry to the wellness center: 

  • 350 CZK (approx. 14€) / person / hour - for accommodated guests
  • 450 CZK (approx. 18€) / person / hour - for unaccommodated guests

We offer you the opportunity to fully enjoy services of our wellness in the privacy with your loved ones.

To book a private wellness please visit

Finnish sauna

Working temperature: 85 – 95°C, maximum 110°C
Working humidity: 3 – 6 %, maximum 10 %
Recommended time in sauna: 5 – 15 minutes, followed by sudden cooling and rest of 10 – 30 minutes in the relaxation room at normal temperature
Recommended number of cycles: 2  3 cycles
Capacity of sauna: 6 people

A Finnish sauna is a dry, hot-air bath which purposefully alternates the temperature shocks of hot air in contrast with an ice-cold bath or shower. To increase the effects of the heat in the “sweat room”, you can massage yourself using one of many massage cloths and brushes. The desired effects of a sauna can be achieved by alternating the cycles in the sweat room and the cooling cycles to the required extent.

Saunas are effective at relaxing the locomotor apparatus in general. They also have a positive effect on blood pressure disorders (hypotony), chronic catarrh in the respiratory tracts, arthritis, degenerative joint illnesses and rheumatism, they detox the organism and flush out endorphins (the happiness hormones) and fortify the immune system. Taking a sauna is an excellent way of preventing flu and colds and is a side treatment during weight-loss.

Heightened attention must be paid to intolerance of high temperatures. Saunas are not suitable during acute inflammatory illnesses, especially those with a fever, high pressure, an advanced stage of pregnancy or open wounds. Or if not recommended by a doctor.

The fluid that you lose during you time in a sauna must be replaced afterwards.

Infrared sauna

Working temperature: 40 – 55°C, maximum 60°C
Working humidity: 50 – 55 %, maximum 60 %
Recommended time in sauna: 15 minutes
Recommended number of cycles: 1 cycle – warm-up before massage
Capacity of infrared cabin: 2 people

This type of warming has an entirely different source of heat to the Finnish sauna. Instead of conventional heaters (which heat the air in the sauna), an infrared sauna uses infrared heaters that mainly produce radiant heat. The heat is spread by radiation, meaning directly from the heater to the person inside the cabin. The air in the cabin is only then heated (the opposite to a Finnish sauna). Given the lower working temperatures and potentially cooler air (this does not apply when the cabin is on for a longer time), this therapy is recommended for people who do not cope well with the high temperatures in a classic Finnish sauna. The body is heated even at these lower temperatures.

The use of an infrared sauna is mainly recommended before exercise or before a massage:

Working temperature: 40 – 70°C (maximum 110 °C when switching to dry sauna mode)
Working humidity: 40  70 % (maximum 20 % when switching to dry sauna mode)
Recommended time in sauna: 5 - 15 minutes, followed by cooling and relaxation of 10 – 30 minutes in the relaxation room at normal temperature
Recommended number of cycles: 2  3 cycles
Capacity of sauna: 3 people


Put simply, a combination of Finnish sauna and steam bath.

The main difference from the Finnish sauna is that a biosauna is heated to a lower temperature of 40 – 70 °C , but has relatively higher air humidity of 70 – 40 %.

This humidity value means that a biosauna is something like a moderate steam bath.

A biosauna is suitable for those with cardiac problems because it does not reach the high temperatures of the Finnish sauna and triggers regenerative processes in the upper respiratory tracts. The temperature and humidity in the sauna are automatically maintained in the following modes (switching to sauna regulator HUMIPROFF using the HUM button).

ttemperature 40 °C – humidity 70 %
temperature 60 °C – humidity 60 %
temperature 70 °C – humidity 40 %

Kneipp bath

Working temperature – warm water: 35 – 38°C
Working temperature – cold water: 10 – 15°C
Recommended time in bath: 1 cycle of approximately 4 x 1 minute
Capacity of bath: 1 person per pair of tubs (warm/cold water)

It is recommended that you slowly tread on one foot and then the other in the tub. After around a minute (although this time is up to you), step into the neighbouring tub and repeat the movement for the same amount of time. Moving to the neighbouring tub achieves the desirable temperature contrast described by Sebastian Kneipp. This contrast is achieved by alternating cold and warm water. There is no strictly prescribed order in which the user should enter the tubs of the Kneipp bath (warm/cold).

Kneipp therapy is useful for the body and helps protect against illnesses and ailments of all kinds. It acts positively on the legs and on the whole body, fortifies and increases immunity and walking in water can evoke the pleasant feeling of walking in wet grass and on wet stones.

Walking in the water promote blood circulation and arterial circulation. Together with muscle movement, it also promotes blood circulation in the veins and helps prevent varicose veins. Taking a Kneipp bath in the evening promotes better sleep.

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