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The best of EA Mountain hotel Hajenka***

  • The ideal starting point for hiking and cross-country skiing trails around Modrava, Modravský and Roklanský streams, the River Vydra and the sources of the River Vltava and to Kvilda.
  • Universal use and activity options for sportsmen and women, tourists and families with children.
  • Restaurant with summer terrace and an excellent selection of food and drink.
  • Wellness centre
  • No-problem parking right in front of the hotel.
  • Wi-Fi throughout the building (limited quality due to location)

400 meters from the hotel, EA Hotels also offers accommodation at EA Apartments Na Filipce.

EA Mountain hotel Hajenka*** is found in the exceptionally beautiful surroundings of Central Šumava in the highest settlement in Šumava, Filipova Huť between the communities of Modrava and Kvilda.

The hotel is situated in an absolutely exceptional location, offering unforgettable views of Malý and Velký Roklan, Černá Hora and Antýgl. The surrounding countryside allows you to spend an active holiday in a peaceful mountain environment with clean air, whether it be wonderful springtime strolls through the scented air and the remnants of the snow, bike trips along the countless mountain routes during the summer, picking wild mushrooms in the autumn or fun in the snow during winter.

The history of the place stretches back to the year 1853, when a building was erected here within the Schwarzenberg estate to be used as a forester’s lodge.

There is a similar building at Březník. The ground plan of the historic building remains almost identical to this day. The southern part of the building was used by staff at the forester’s lodge, the central area that is now home to the stylish social room and its arched ceilings was a stable for cattle and the northern part was used to store wood. Everything was given a very precise role.

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